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Colored Sprinkle Cookies - Gluten Free Chocolate Dipped Cookies - Gluten Free
Our Price: $4.70

Our Price: $4.70

colored sprinkle cookies and other delicious gluten free cookies amazing gluten free cookies that are chocolate dipped
Chocolate Chip Cookies - Gluten Free Vanilla Cookies - Gluten Free
Our Price: $4.70

Our Price: $4.70

chocolate chip cookies vanilla cookies
Raspberry Tarts - Gluten Free Apricot Tarts - Gluten Free
Our Price: $5.99

Our Price: $5.99

Gluten Free Raspberry Tarts Hamantashen Apricot poppy seeds poppyseed pockets prune Gluten Free Apricot Tarts
Raspberry Hamantaschen - Gluten Free
Our Price: $5.99

Gluten Free Raspberry Hamantashen Apricot poppy seeds poppyseed pockets prune


Gluten free cookies to the rescue

When you are gluten intolerant it can be a very hard task to eat properly day in and day out. It can be even harder when you are the only one in your family or work place that has to keep close tabs on what they are consuming. Some times it can be exhaustive and even depressing. While some people can take comfort in foods like cookies, brownies and chips, a gluten intolerant person simply can't take part in these simple pleasures because it would do more harm than good. Don't worry because Katz Gluten free presents our gluten free cookies. That's right! Now you too can indulge your self and munch on our delicious gluten free cookies. Whether at work or play, our gluten cookies are something yummy for your tummy.

Katz has a number of different kid favorite gluten free cookies like colored sprinkle cookies, chocolate dipped cookies, chocolate chip cookies, and even sugar free vanilla cookies. These soft, chewy little delights are prepared using the finest ingredients and materials. Our gluten free cookies are always ready to go and fresh. Now busy moms that have gluten intolerant children can enjoy some time out from preparing special meals. Just give them gluten free cookies!

What about gluten dairy free?

Some people actually have multiple allergies that make selecting and preparing foods that more difficult. This task is compounded further if the person that you are trying to feed is a young child. Kids are already finicky about food but when they have to eat gluten dairy free that is tasteless, feeding them can be close to impossible. Mrs. Katz understands this and has made sure that our certified gluten free products follow strict guidelines and are certified by the Gluten Intolerance Group. Our products are created in a modern facility that is not only gluten free but it is also dairy free and nut free. That means buying gluten free products has gotten a lot more easier. Our selection of gluten dairy free was created keeping in mind that taste is also a very important part of eating. Everything is taste tested so you can be sure that not only is our menu gluten dairy free but it is also delicious. So kick back, relax and let the kids have our gluten free cookies. Indulge a little and have one yourself.

Gluten Free, Dairy Free

You have probably searched feverishly trying to find products that are gluten free dairy free. It can be frustrating to find products that are gluten free, like gluten free cookies but not dairy free. Or products that are dairy free but not gluten free. Katz Gluten free understands this and has a complete line of gluten free products. We have gone to great lengths to ensure that every product you purchase is gluten free dairy free. Our facilities are completely gluten free, dairy free and even nut free. This segregation ensures that our gluten free products are not cross contaminated providing more security to you and your family.

All Products are manufactured in a dedicated gluten free, dairy free and nut free factory
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