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Chocolate Rugelech - Gluten Free Cinnamon Rugelech - Gluten Free
Our Price: 5.14

Our Price: 5.14

delicious chocolate rugelech for celiac disease sufferers cinammon rugeech made from whole foods gluten free
Vanilla Rugelech - Gluten Free Chocolate Buns - Gluten Free
Our Price: 5.14

Our Price: 5.99

Vanilla rugelech made from whole foods gluten free delicious Chocolate Buns -Gluten Free for celiac disease sufferers
Cinnamon Buns - Gluten Free
Our Price: 5.99

delicious Cinnamon Buns - Gluten Free for celiac disease sufferers

Delicious Gluten Free Bakery/Recipes

Katz is delighted to bring you another one of our amazing gluten free bakery and recipes. Our gluten free rugelech and strips come in chocolate and cinnamon. Rugelech, which is derived from the word meaning creeping vine, is a favorite with our customers. Traditionally rugelech is filled with nuts, raisin, chocolate and cinnamon. It is not meant for special occasions but the incredible taste makes it a welcome addition to any meal. Katz rugelech derives its gluten recipe from the original source. That’s why our famously delicious rugelech is not only mouth watering but is also whole foods gluten free. We use only the finest of ingredients to prepare our chocolate and cinnamon rugelech. Just like the original gluten recipes we include the whole foods gluten free flour, pure vanilla and a whole bunch of yummy delights. We use pareve for the dough so that our rugelech is dairy free also. Our gluten recipes also include our decadent strips. Every layer is filled with delicious cinnamon or chocolate. They can be enjoyed with any drink including milk, tea or coffee. Or if you prefer you can have this and other gluten free baked goods all by itself. There is no spread that our gluten free strips will not compliment. Enjoy them at home, at a picnic or as a quick healthy snack.

If you suffer from celiac disease then our menu is for you

Our strict gluten free standards are certified and give you the satisfaction of knowing that all our gluten recipes are dairy and gluten free. If you or a loved one needs to be on a gluten free diet and needs gluten free recipes then our strips and rugenech are the answer. This includes people with allergies and celiac disease. Someone with celiac disease has an autoimmune disorder that affects the intestines. This means that all gluten free foods they consume need to be prepared using gluten free recipes. This ensures that a person suffering from celiac disease stays healthy and free of symptoms. This is one of the reasons our whole foods gluten free strips and rugelech are such a great choice for someone with celiac disease. Not only are they delicious they are certified to be gluten free. If you need to find a gluten free product according to allergies then have a look at our easy to use ‘product by allergy’ section. This will help you make a choice much easier.

Gluten Free Recipes for the whole family

All our gluten free bakery are baked in our gluten and dairy free facility. That means that you can be assured that any product from our website will be fresh, delicious and most importantly gluten free. Please feel to browse our amazing online catalogue or search for a location near you that carries our gluten free recipes. We use pure, high-quality and fresh ingredients. That means every bite is perfect. We not only ensure that products are gluten free, dairy free and nut free but we also make sure they are delicious. On top of that, every product including our strips and rugelech is taste tested. So if nothing but the best is what you are looking for, don’t look any further.

All Products are manufactured in a dedicated gluten free, dairy free and nut free factory
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